My Gear

Good reviewers shouldn't just have good gear, they should also have relatable gear. If you see or hear otherwise, I'd caution you to reconsider. While my gear list isn't as extensive as what's in The Spirited Uncle M's Sound Lab, the gear I have serves specific purposes. Here's what I'm currently running in my listening room, at work, and elsewhere, for personal and review purposes.

Current Sound Lab Setup

Audiolab 6000CDT  transport and 6000N PLAY streamer > Berkeley Alpha DAC > Benchmark HPA4 headphone amp and preamp > 2 x Benchmark AHB2 amps in bridged mono > PSB Synchrony T600 speakers

Current Gear

+ ALO Audio "The Island" (office desk)
+ Benchmark AHB2 
+ Benchmark HPA4
+ Rogue Audio RH-5
+ Schiit Audio Magnius (home office desk)
+ Schiit Audio Vidar 
+ Threshold Audio S/200 

+ ALO Audio "The Island" (office desk)
+ Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC
+ Schiit Audio Modius (home office desk)

Digital Sources
+ Audiolab 6000CDT 
+ Logitech Squeezebox Touch

+ Beyerdynamic Amiron Home (primary desktop)
+ Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 
+ Sennheiser HD650
+ Shure SRH1540

+ Shure SE-215

+ PSB Synchrony T600

Power Management
+ Panamax M5400-PM - Power Conditioner
+ Schiit Audio Wyrd - USB regenerator

Cables (because some people care)
+ DH Labs Air Matrix - Interconnects (RCA + Balanced)
+ DH Labs Revelation
+ DH Labs Silver Sonic HP-1 - Headphone cable (for Sennheiser HD650)
+ DH Labs Silver Sonic Glass Master - Toslink
+ DH Labs Sub Sonic II - Subwoofer interconnect
+ DH Labs Q-10 - Speaker wire (T-14 retired)
+ DH Labs Power Plus - Various AC cables
+ Kimber Kable 8PR Speaker wire
+ Shunyata Research - Various AC cables
+ Schiit Audio Pyst - USB + RCA

Past Gear

- ALO Audio Pan Am/Gateway/Passport
- Eddie Current Balancing Act
- Eddie Current Super 7
- Grace Design Model 901
- HiFiMan EF-6
- Inspire (Dennis Had) LP-2 preamp 
- Inspire (Dennis Had) Bottle Rocket KT150 SEP amp
JDS Labs Objective2
- Little Dot MK II
- Parasound Halo P3 / A23
- PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated 
- Ray Samuels Audio "The Raptor"
- Resonessence Labs Concero HP
- Rogue Audio Stereo 100
- Schiit Audio Freya+
- Sugden Headmaster
- Woo Audio WA6
- Woo Audio WA6-SE
- Yulong DA8

- Hegel HD25
- Meridian Director 
- PrimaLuna EVO 100 
- Schiit Yggdrasil
- Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2
- Yulong DA8

Digital Sources
- Rotel RCD-855
Sony DVP-S9000ES (retired)

- AKG K701
- Audeze LCD-X
AudioQuest Nighthawk
- Focal Elear
- Grado GS1000i
- HiFiMan HE-500
- HiFiMan HE-6
- HiFiMan RE-0
Noble Audio Trident
- Sennheiser HD800
- Shure SRH840
- Westone ADV Beta
- ZMF The Omni
- ZMF x Vibro

- Focal Aria 936
- KEF R11
- Revel Ultima Studio2
- Rythmik Audio LV12R Subwoofer
- Spatial Audio Lab M4 Sapphire

Hidizs AP100 (Provided by CTC Audio)




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