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I like tube rolling, experimenting with tweaks and mods, demoing different amps, DACs, and headphones. Here's a variety of quality used hi-fi and head-fi gear straight from my Sound Lab. Buy with confidence. Please message me with any questions or offers. Payment methods accepted are Zelle, PayPal Friends, or Cash App. 

Mullard ECC88 / 6DJ8 / 6922 Made in Great Britain

Mullard 6DJ8

One Great Britain-made Mullard ECC88/6DJ8 (6922 substitute) tube with O-getter. I believe it to be NOS from 1969 or maybe UTG based on the measurements on the box. Tested in my amp for noise, and it sounds rich and clean. Sorry, no original box for this one. Asking $40 shipped in the U.S.

Monster THX Subwoofer Cable

Barely used Monster THX-certified subwoofer cable. Almost 18 feet long. Asking $20 shipped.

1950s/60s NOS Russian NEVZ Factory 6F6S "Cobra" Power Tubes

Russian 6F6S Cobra Power Tubes

NOS Russian Military tubes from the 1950s/60s. Coke-style bottle in factory boxes. 6F6S (6F6G, 6F6GT, KT63, N63 equivalent) pentode tube. Made at the NEVZ plant. 6 tubes available. Asking $12 per tube + shipping. Will sell in any quantity needed.

DH Labs Silver Sonic Sub-Sonic II Subwoofer Cable

DH Labs Sub Sonic II Subwoofer Cable

Like new DH Labs Silver Sonic Sub-Sonic II Subwoofer Cable. 6-meter RCA. Hardly used since I only used a sub temporarily. Asking $55 for a single cable, shipping in the U.S. included.

Genalex Gold Lion KT77 Power Tubes - Matched Octet

Genalex Gold Lion KT77

Purchased new as a matched octet in February 2020. Used sporadically as I was alternating amps. Estimated 500 hours on them, so essentially like new. Prefer to sell as an octet for $265 shipped in the U.S.




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