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If you’re a fan of the site, a fan of audio, a fan of gear, and know how to write and take nice pictures, you can most definitely be a contributor to The Sound Apprentice Blog.

Whether you’re only an apprentice or a music maestro, varied views, opinions and firsthand experiences are great for reaching a larger audience. But, most importantly, your contributions should help us all further reach our ultimate destination… Audio Nirvana.

I’m a writer/editor, so I can help clean up your submissions for the site, but please, have some halfway decent writing skills before sending something in. Your articles/reviews should also be fun… cover the important details, but don’t bore us with technical mumbo jumbo that most readers won’t understand. Each read should be relatively quick, easy to navigate and leave readers with a sense of what to expect from the product discussed. Not every review has to be full of praise either. We need objectivity here. No pay-to-play nonsense.

Besides hi-fi and head-fi gear, if you want to cover live shows, do album reviews, or anything else related to our quest for frequent and multiple eargasms and journey to Audio Nirvana, that’s cool too. Have your own blog or website? I’m happy to cross-promote it.

Get in touch with me and let’s talk about it.




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