Noble Audio Classic Universal IEM Preview

November 10, 2016

Noble Audio is known to craft some of the finest custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs) in the high-end audio world—just check out the constant flow of #audioporn streaming across its Instagram. The thing is, this audio art is typically priced more appropriately for aristocratic audiophiles. But that doesn’t mean no Noble for me, or for other budget-minded audiophiles, either.

Enter Noble Audio’s new Classic universal in-ear monitor (IEM) line.

What’s the story? Described as “Generic fit in-ear monitors for immediate gratification with little commitment,” the Classic universal line forgoes costly all-out custom designs and molds and adopts a lower-cost, let’s say more “affordable audiophile” friendly, approach.

With five distinct models at five distinct price points, the new Classic universal line has something for everyone. The models here utilize new, hand-assembled in the USA, aluminum and composite housings aimed at improving fit and feel, and each model was independently re-tuned to refine the sound over previous generations (except for the Savant, which only gets the new housing):

Trident ($399) – As its name suggests, the Trident is fitted with three balanced armature drivers and exhibits elevated bass and treble regions for what Noble Audio calls a refined “pop” sound.

Savanna ($499) – The four-driver Savanna is designed specifically with acoustic music in mind and aims to emphasize accuracy and transparency.

Savant ($599) – Claimed to be the most subjectively balanced IEM the Wizard has designed yet, the Savant is detail-oriented and aims to play well with a the largest variety of listeners.

Dulce Bass ($699) – As implied, this is Noble Audio’s bassiest IEM. It deploys five drivers to deliver audiophile-grade electronic and bass-heavy music.

Django ($999) – Top of the Classic universal line, Noble Audio says the Django is “suitably equipped to unchain any genre of music you will encounter.” In other words, it’s meant to be balanced but engaging.

Tuned by the Wizard himself, Dr. John Moulton, a trained audiologist, an audio enthusiast like you and me, and the main man behind Noble Audio’s signature sounds, you can be sure these IEMs will not disappoint.

Noble Audio has sent over a Trident (pictured) for me to share with my fellow Sound Apprentices, so keep an eye out for that review.

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