Must-See-Must-Hear: Headphone Sessions

September 13, 2016

If you’re here, it’s because you like music, and not just any music, but high fidelity, take you to another place music—most likely with some top notch headphones strapped to your noggin. If what I described is accurate, or even if you’re running a sweet two-channel speaker setup, I have a real treat for you and your listening room: Headphone Sessions.

Headphone Sessions is an audio/visual experience that I simply think any self-proclaimed audiophile and headphone enthusiast can't afford to miss regardless of musical preferences. Brought to you by the talented London-based film guru James Hough, Headphone Sessions immerses you in “stripped back organic musical performances recorded with 3D binaural audio, in beautiful locations.”

In other words James is recording live acoustic performances of some very talented artists in some very public places. The multi-mic recording captures not only the most intricate details of the artists’ performances, but also the sounds of the environments surrounding them. Paired with some creative video work, Headphone Sessions immerses you in a gorgeous 3D hi-fi experience. 

Below is the Headphone Session #004, debuting a new song by an artist I highly recommend, Lucy Rose (I also recommend following this up by checking out the performances by Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Jake Isaac).

Take note of the Headphone Sessions disclaimer and enjoy: Please wear headphones for the full 3D experience.

To keep up to date with the latest sessions follow Headphone Sessions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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