AXPONA Chicago 2015 Photoblog: Woo Audio, Auralic, Audeze, ZMF Headphones, Noble Audio

April 29, 2015

This was my first-ever trip to AXPONA and it may be my last. As much as I love new gear, shows like this are simply overwhelming. Combining the sheer amount of product and demo rooms to look at with the crowds, noise, and exorbitant prices, I found myself wanting to look at less and less. It's also nearly impossible to seriously listen to any open or semi-open headphone at a show like this. Perhaps I'm just not a true audiophile.

Nevertheless, here are a few photos from the brands that I had good chats with. I found Noble Audio's line of IEMs to be especially impressive. The Auralic gear is simply awesome. Woo Audio amps, regardless if the sound is for you or not, are gorgeously built. Audeze cans may be heavy, but they sound wonderful. Chicago headphone builder ZMF Headphones was in attendance with a nice booth. If you own or plan to own a pair of ZMF cans, you need a Decware amp, no questions asked it is the best combination. The Abyss headphones are a joke. I don't care what is said about them in the media. I really wanted to get a good listen on the new HiFiMan HE-1000, but there was always someone at the listening station, and the Ear Gear room was quite loud anyway. I can say, however, that they look amazing in person. I've had bad experiences with HiFiMan, but it looks like they really reinvented themselves with that headphone.

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  1. hi there... i tested the Abyss last year and I do agree with you. Dont know what the fuss is all about. Its heavy and just not up to the mark especially at that price.

    The new Audeze line up seems to be more subtle compared to the previous one. I opted for Beyer T1 2 years back after comparing it with Audeze LCD2. Purely because I could not handle the weight of the Audeze.

  2. good job and great article, thank for sharing


  4. I have to say, we were just as impressed with the HE-1000's by HiFiMan. We did get a chance to try them out and they are definitely a step up from their previous generation headphones.

  5. good job and great article, thank for sharing





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