Cheap Tweaks: Brainwavz Zirconia Headphone Stand Review

November 18, 2014

Simple. Sturdy. Stylish. Affordable. What more could you ask for out of a headphone stand? The Brainwavz Zirconia headphone stand accomplishes it all. 

The conversation about headphone stands pops up a lot in the head-fi community: What’s “the best” one? Which one is the most affordable? What’s a good DIY solution? I’ve seen everything from banana hangers and toilet paper roll holders to several hundred dollar pieces of wood being used for stands. To each their own. What it comes down to is what suits your tastes and needs best. As for me, the Zirconia headphone stand is one of my favorites for the head-fi guy on a budget.

At $20 it is cheap, cheap, cheap, but it doesn’t feel or perform that way. Unlike a lot of the flimsy low-end options in this price range, the Zirconia stand is made from light, but thick and durable Perspex that is solid and well-balanced. Meaning, this stand does exactly what it’s supposed to, no questions asked—it supports headphones of all sizes without placing pressure on the ear pads or spreading the headband.

Since the stand is also transparent, it easily blends into any listening room or office setting, and because of its high-quality material, it looks more like etched glass than plastic. Some will complain about the large BRAINWAVZ name etched into the pillar, but the etching becomes less obtrusive when angled or placed in the right light. And when a pair of headphones is on it, the text becomes even less noticeable.

There’s not much else to say. It’s a headphone stand, and it works. The Brainwavz Zirconia stand is practical, perfect for the minimalist, priced for the masses, and it performs. So do your expensive headphones a favor and quit laying them around or dangling them from banana hooks—they don’t like it. Get them on the Brainwavz Zirconia headphone stand where they can hang out stress free until your next listening session.

To see more about this stand and their others, visit Brainwavz or grab yours from Amazon. Many thanks to Brainwavz for providing this stand for use and review.

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