Payweek Picks: Dave Grusin - Homage to Duke

October 25, 2013 strikes again! Actually, it was the recommendation from a reader on the “Now Playing” page and auditory enlightenment by way of The Spirited Uncle M that led me to choose this album as my next Payweek Pick….

Dave Grusin, Homage to Duke. Grusin is a well-known soundtrack composer and jazz-pop recording artist, and on this album he pays tribute to the famous Duke Ellington by performing 10 of his most popular songs.

The Sound Apprentice reader, Sergio, said he considers this album to be “the second best red book jazz album ever recorded behind Kind of Blue (Miles Davis).” It turns out that it’s also a favorite of The Spirited Uncle M. In fact, while auditioning the Synergistic Research MiG component footers, he used “C-Jam Blues” as his test track. After hearing it in The Sound Lab I knew I had to have this album in my collection.

Thanks to, it only cost me a cool $4.39; yes the case is banged up, buy the disc is spotless. So after splurging on six albums earlier in the month—which I still haven’t finished listening to—I managed to keep the expenses under control this time around.

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  1. Hello Derrick,
    Thanks for the shout out on this great album. Bravo, Sergio





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